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July 14, 2013


Sorry. I'm trying to get from Point A to Point B via commercial airline. This turns out to be basically impossible.


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Does either of those points have a beach??

Just don't fly through Atlanta, or O'Hare, or MIA, or...better yet, stay home.

Good luck.

It's very hard for a commercial airline to land on a point; they usually need long runways.

Is No Fuk Wei your pilot?

Iron Butterfly missed their scheduled appearance at Woodstock for the same reason. Draw on your new found appreciation for Joe Cocker and deal with all god gave you to work with.

Thank you. Thank you. Peace.

Judi -- to the DaveJet!

Let me guess.....is D/FW involved??? Good luck!

I believe you may be trapped in one of Dante's circles of hell.

are you

'to B or Not to B' ?

is the question....

Step inconspicuously into a phone booth, change into the blue shirt of power and the kilt of naughtiness, take a self-portrait, and mail it to Judi. You'll posted in a moment.


That is what airport lounges are for. Have multiple drinks during your long wait until you are in a mild stupor enabling you to tolerate being groped by the TSA and lied to about departure times by the airlines. Worked for me every time!!

If Dave is trying to travel from point A to point B, and A and B are x miles apart, and Dave's plane flies at an average speed of y, then what movie will they play during the flight?

Zero Legroom Airlines doesn't get you there in style.

Getting from point A to point B on an airline is easy unless you trying some dumb stunt like getting from a specific point A to a specific point B.

While you may eventually end up at Point B, your luggage will inevitably arrive at Point C after having passed through D, E and F.

JSGuy...For Dave's viewing pleasure, they'll be rerunning the PBS "Capitol Fourth" on a loop, so that Dave can see both Neil Diamond AND Barry Manilow, over'n'over'n'over.

What's a "phone booth"?

He was the timid younger brother of John Wilkes. Instead of shooting at Mr Lincoln, he used to call in the middle of the night and make rude noises.

*snork* at the the omni-booth.

doeth dave have hith 'booth on the ground' yet?

snork@ Omni, and let me get this straight, that is, uh clear, and Clear, i was told there would be no math on this blog.

I remember one year I had a friend who went to the Orange Bowl and had to be back in Indiana the next day. His flight was canceled, so they sent him through Las Vegas.

We flew out of Atlanta (ATL) for Washington (HEL) on a flight due to land about 3:30 in the afternoon.
Point A to point B. Simple.
Except we wound up circling point C enough times to make Buddha airsick, landing at C because we were out of fuel, then going on to point D. Where we took a bus to E. Then a cab to Washington.
Eleven hours after we were supposed to arrive.
Modern travel. Wonderful.

There is no point B. It is a fallacy and has been disproved by the Global Warming conspirators.

To everyone above: you are brilliant. I am totally LMAO!

Good show. Ralph wins the cup for best laugh in a long time.

Reminded me of an old joke about a pilot straining to land on a super short runway. After pulling out the stops to bring the plane to a halt, he looks out the windows both ways and says "Never saw such a short runway, but it is extremely wide."

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