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July 29, 2013


...but I love this.

(Via Deadspin)


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I saw Plunging Tortoise open for Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. What a trip!

shame on dave snickering at a reptile dysfunction

feels like my job!

turtle faceplant!

Wasn't that the test given to detect Replicants in Blade Runner?

Aesop mentioned this.

Huge Snork at lilgirl.
You crack me up every time. Thanks.

Turtle whacks?

So, a tortoise tries to walk into a bar, but ...

One day that turtle will fly.

The internet craze that replaced planking.

That's what I feel like today.

I keep thinking, "Touchdown"

Like watching that famous TV announcer destroy his career. Again and again.


Does it know what it is?

It is ... beginning to suspect.

Yeah....well, when he's alone in his hollow log, he watches video of the RBR's. So there.

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