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July 22, 2013


Customer discovers slug inside Burger King chicken burger

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Do they charge extra for escargot?

In France they call that a Royale.

Now with extra protein.

I love the explanation that it came in the bag of lettuce. So since they had it there already, why not bugn it into someone's lunch?

Gee thanks, Burger King!

They call that a slug? He must have been playing with his food in order to find it. It looks like a bacon bit to me.



BULLETIN!! It's a boy! Wait, didn't we already know it would be?

At least he found his slug!

Since Dave is from Miami, I thought "slug" meant bullet.

The slug was a boy, UB, or the boy is a slug?

they named the boy-who-could-be-king 'Burger'??

....and someone slugged the royal baby???!?!?

No, they spent 3MM pounds to hoist a slug of champagne to the boy who would be King Burger. And the baby didn't get a drop of it.

When I caught the news earlier this afternoon, I swear it sounded like they were going to drive the baby to Buckingham Palace and display him on a large notice board at the gate. But then they said that the happy couple approved of notification by phone text, whew! Good save there, Wills & Kate!

We do it the old fashioned way here and just shout down the hall to the waiting room.

Have it your way -- ask for the slugs on the side.

The most important question is: did it taste like chicken?

Slugs add a very mild smokey flavor to the chicken, and go well with a rose wine.

"Finding half a slug."
Old jokes for $200, Alex.

Naturally, it was a faux slug, formed from ground slug and enhancers, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup. In NYC, you're only allowed to have two of them in one order.

Batali and company will serve you a locally grown, organic slug burger, but it's two hundred dollars, and when you bite into it, steel springs plunge through both cheeks.

Who shot it?

Ewwwwwwww, gross.

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