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July 30, 2013


"His cat got stuck in the tree, he went up to try and get the cat down, and he got stuck in the tree with the cat," a fire department spokesman said.

(Thanks to Tina Hamaker)


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Well, that's one way to get the fire dept to get your cat out of the tree.

I once came home from work to find my cat and my wife stuck up in the same tree.

And then the fire department got stuck in the tree, so they called the army, and...

Sounds like the worst children's book ever.

Has anyone ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree? They usually get down eventually without help.

i guess the map is necessary so everyone knows where the pussy lives

Was there an alligator up there, too?


one truck and 16 members?

Yep, that's life in Lake Placid...

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