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July 02, 2013


The Royal Mail can be stopped by seagulls or an aggressive raspberry bush.

(Thanks to many people)


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Are British "Health and Safety" regulations even written down? Or do they make them up on the fly?
And the gentleman does look like he could use every variety of trimmer know to man.
Bet he's not married.

I tried to get my raspberry bush to quit chasing the mail carrier, but it just gave me the raspberry.

I saw Aggressive Raspberry Bush open for The Strawberry Alarm Clock.

A couple of months ago I was in Aberdeen with our daughter (checking out post-grad school offerings) and spotted a very well-dressed young man heading down a side street, lunch in one hand, cellphone in t'other. Out of the blue a seagull the size of a Cessna starts dive-bombing him. Distracted by our thinly-veiled attempts to remain standing due to the fact we were laughing like drains, his pathetic attempts at fending off the beast were to no avail.

Are British "Health and Safety" regulations even written down? Or do they make them up on the fly?

::Cop grabbing a shield away from one of the extras at the end of Monty Python & The Holy Grail::

"That's an offensive weapon, that is!"

"Making it up on the fly" appears to be a long-standing tradition among British gubmint types, if it was a joke 40 years ago.

BTW, "Harbog the Mighty" wins Comment of the Day:

Nar then Mr Stevens the bush wot is hintrudin hinto the parfway wot leads to your letter box hapiture his wivin a distunce wot I consider hunaceptable and a fret to hour post hoffice delivery hoperatives and has such under post office regulashuns relatin to post hoffice delivery hoperative elf un safety, secshun 47, sub section 819b I ave no horlternative but to wivdraw hour delivry service until you is removin said hobsticle!

If, when one is visiting Doune Castle, and one asks nicely, the gal in the gift shop will lend one a set of coconut shells which one can utilise whilst one is fulfilling one's lifelong dream of being a knigget.
P.S. Don't approach the entrance to Doune Castle from the east, regardless of what the GPS may tell one. It's, at minimum, a five-point-turn.

' the bush is dangerous and a risk to their staff '

maybe their 'staff' ought to wear some 'protection'


True, the whole thing reeks of Monty Python.

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