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July 02, 2013


The clerk told him “the male suspect came into the store and bought a pack of cigarettes. Immediately afterward, he said, ‘this is a stickup,’” according to Rader’s account.

The clerk asked him to repeat himself because she “wasn’t sure if he was serious because another employee who was inside the store after her shift knew the suspect and had said hello to him.”

The suspect, Rader wrote, repeated himself and the clerk “was confused and asked where his gun was, because she would have given up the money because she didn’t want to get shot. The suspect replied that he didn’t have one (a gun) but he knew how to ‘blow the place up.’ (The clerk) locked the cash register, placed a closed register sign up and walked outside.”

Then the suspect went to the Mug Shot Saloon. No, really.

(Thanks to Mark Buckley)


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But did she say, "Son, you have a panty on your head"?

Listen, people, this is the reason we make LISTS!

Steve, methinks the list this dope needs to be on has, as yet, to be invented.

Checklists, I believe, as in:

- do I have my gun?
- do I even own a gun?
- is it loaded?
- am I loaded?
- mask?
- know my lines? (Note to self: it's 'This is a stickup', not 'screwup').
- got my bag for loot?
- remember where bank is?
- know difference between bank and chip shop?
(Note to self: look up 'ass' and 'elbow', memorize differences).

This is how we implement process improvement, 'round these parts.

Then the suspect went to the Mug Shot Saloon. No, really.

Oh, gawd! He's not kidding, it's true. o_O

The Sigma 6 process would really help this guy.

Watch out, I have a gub! Our criminals are really getting pathetic.

Stick-Ups? They're with the other air fresheners.

Does sound like Woody Allen. Life imitates art.

please sir. do NOT breed. wowza.

I thought zombies were fectional.

Sounds more like a Monty Python sketch...LOL.

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