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July 30, 2013


Face-tattooed man, West Palm woman arrested on drug charges

(Thanks to R &L Stevenson)


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Is being a West Palm woman anything like being a Southpaw?

his face looks drawn

"Officers reported finding two needles filled with heroin, five empty needles, four baggies containing heroin, a crack cocaine rock, empty baggies, two crack pipes and pieces of three pills"

Five... GOLDen... Rinnnnnnnngs....

Arguably, the drugs explain their attraction to each other...

OMG, I'm starting to think like padraig. That was my first thought too. Must go lay down....

Gee, a tattooed face. It would be expected if he was in a rock band perhaps but the things that people do.

Let it be known. Drugs do NOT make you beautiful...

That's a hot date. I would guess that narcotic haze was necessary just to look at each other.

How many times must his parents have heard: "Honest, mom! I spent 8 hours today filling out job apps, they just aren't hiring."

"Why, yes, we'd love to give you a loan!" --something no banker ever told that guy

Once were Warriors.

"Any identifying marks?"

You all are so critical! I admire his dedication to the sport of Lucha Libre. While others wear a mask, he is "all in".

Darth Maul prototype.

Wasn't "West Palm Woman" a big hit for Spinal Tap in Japan?

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