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July 29, 2013


Dead farmers might be reaping millions in subsidies

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Back when Jimmy Carter was president, the USDA literally dumped excess milk, and paid dairy farmers to reduce the size of their herds, since there was too much supply.

I remember a joke at the time...

Two farmers were sitting in a bar in Iowa, talking.

"Yeah, last year, the gov'mnt paid me $500,000 not to grow wheat. This year, they're payin' me $750,000 not to cattle farm. What do you think I ought'nt to grow next year?"

make good compost, i s'pose

Agriculture subsidies are evil.

You gotta pay them so they'll vote. Sometimes they even move into Chicago to vote.

And The Blog covered all of this agriculture stuff, plus yesterday's weirdness of Florida, so well in his "Hits Below The Beltway".

Yes, he wrote a book. Apparently, the wrong people were reading it.

Awarded post-humusly?

Tomorrow's news:

In what seems to be an incredible coincidence, thousands of farmers around the the nation claim to have been visited by an angel named Clarence today and given a new outlook on life. One farmer said, "the words kept running through my head 'you're worth more dead than alive,' until Clarence showed me how much I still have to life for." The interview was stopped short as his long lost children ran to hug him and money and jugs of beer fell from the sky.

They are reaping what they did not sow?

How does the grim reaper feel about this?

"Reaping" benefits! Haw! I get it! That's a purty funny headline. The fella who wrot that outghta write a book!

And they voted in the last election as well.

Just change the term "agricultural subsidies" to "food stamps" and one of the big Parties will be all over this.

Farm subsidies totalled $5,326,000,000 in 2012. With all that cash to give away, how can the government be expected to know every little detail?

I think I saw Dead Farmers open for Korn a few years ago.

It is rumored that the band is back in the studio, writing music for the film adaptation of David Mamet's play Speed the Plow

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