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June 28, 2013


A suspected burglar allegedly caught urinating in a Ballard home is in custody Thursday after the resident clubbed him with a pot and held him prisoner with a brass elephant statuette.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts and B'game)


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I knew a doctor and a jeweler who lived in adjacent houses who, one night after a, well, it was a busy night, they parked in each other's driveways.
So, yes, it is possible that he was mistaken.
Drunk and mistaken.

Never bring a pot to a brass elephant fight.

I had an ex-bil who would get blackout-drunk in the middle of the night and go around trying doors to find one unlocked, and go in and get in bed with who ever was there. He got kicked out of the military for doing that. He was also committed to a mental hospital for making obscene phone calls. I asked why he did that and he said he got a lot of hot dates that way. If the woman didn't hang up, he would arrange a meeting with her. One of them called the police. You can't trust some women.

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