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June 27, 2013


The World’s Largest Dish – Whole Camel Stuffed with Sheep Stuffed with Chicken Stuffed with Fish


(Thanks to Ralph)


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Puts a Turducken to shame!

bet paula deen is unhappy that she didnt premiere the recipe on food network while she was still on! oh wait. there's no bacon in it. never mind.


it's a

cock stuffed hump ewe

Cameepckenish - it's not turducken

*passes ramparts to Ralph*

I'll just have a salad. Thanks anyway.

"The official name of this traditional Bedouin dish is unknown..."


I wonder if camel tastes as good as it smells

I like the part of the recipe which calls for 110 gallons of water. If you use 105 or 115 gallons, is the dish ruined?

I'd walk a mile for a camel. On second thought...

Salt to taste...

Here's your camel. Would you like flies with that?

I thought yesterday was hump day!

And who gets the camel toes?

snorks at layzee and pirate.

SNORK at poker

Joe, we hardly knew ye.

*Snork* at Layzeeboy!

Mmmmmmmm camel!

"... if you’re looking for a dish that serves between 80 and 100 people."

If you have more guests, you can add a rabbit, but many people don't like hare in their food.

As long as the carbs in the dish are low, it might be worth a try.

Thanks to Ralph? Yep, that's what I'll be doing now.

The article doesn't mention the Weight Watchers' point scoring for this dish. Hasty omission in my estimation.

It's called a 'Camel-lamb-a-hen', from a song of the same name done by Dion & The Belmonts, later covered by Sha Na Na.

No meat? That's OK, I make camel.

When my mother made this she called it Oom Poppa Oom Poppa Mau Mau, but her dish was a little different. She used walnuts, 3 dozen pullets and a hogshead of cooking sherry and a hogshead of water (instead of all that water). It might seem like a lot, but she had 5 teen-age boys to feed so it was gone in two days.

A perfect dish to feed a downtown full of Manilow fans!

What's wrong with camel meat? Like cows smell that great when they are alive.

Elon, to answer your question, I don't know what's wrong with camel. When I find out, I'll report back.

I had a chance to try this once, but they said I had to contribute something to the feast. So, I offered to cook Chinese food for a few hours, because I'd wok awhile for a camel.

nice, 9

& i'd like a little milk with mine for my daily dose of dromedairy

When we lived in Oman I was a guest at a wedding celebration where one of these was served. This was the bride's shindig. If you want to see the pics of 300 women tearing into the main dish you're gonna have to give me a few days notice 'cause they're buried at the bottom of a box in the back of the crawlspace.

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