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June 28, 2013


Fifty thousand bumblebees will be honored in a memorial this weekend at the Wilsonville Target where a majority of the insects died.

(Thanks to DaninTustin)

This tragic incident reminds this blog of a joke, generally known as "The Beekeeper Joke." But this blog is nowhere near drunk enough to tell it.


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The sculptor's model.

This will be the next level in the realtor wars. Don't ask me how I know.

Tell the ice cream joke then.

Wilsonville is also the home of a giant computer store called "Fry's." It's a nice burg. What you see is only the tip.

Single bumblebees are no problem. But they nested in the garage on my wife's farm last year and did not care for my presence.
I won.

My insurance agent's husband decided to rid their house of a beehive with fire. Burned down a corner of their house. Lucky he had a hose handy.

there's a lot of buzz about this story....

The Wilsonville Target is the scene of a tragic government experiment gone wrong. I am not allowed to discuss the details, but let's just say it wasn't a good day for bumblebees.

What about now?


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