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June 27, 2013


2 Men Rob Erie Man Of Condom At Knifepoint

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins, who says "They're facing a long stretch in the pokey.")


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Used or unused?

Police are hoping that someone calls in with a reservoir tip.

In their defense, it can be embarassing to buy them.

He got ribbed off.

'that guy looks eerie - quick! grab his condom!'

was he WEARING it? what?

ok - your condom or your life....

throw them in the rubber room

Ewwww, I hope that it was unused. People do steal them though. I have found empty boxes sometimes.

The victim planned to use it, but couldn't find a local partner who wanted to have sex.

It's called the Erie Lack of Wanna.

Aieee, Ralph! That was really ... something.

yikes, Ralph - there's a train for every tunnel


that would be an eerie canal

Was he ripped off or did they just demand it from him?

I just learned that 5 of the top 10 cities nationwide with the highest rates for auto theft are within 50 miles of my home. But at least my condoms are safe...unless they're in the glove compartment.

Oh, the Ee-ry-a was a risin'
And the gin was gettin' low.
I scarcely think
We'll get a drink,
'Til we get to Buffalo, o , o,
'Til we get to Buffalo.

I learned that from my mother. She also taught me a song that goes:

Glorious, glorious!
One keg of beer for the four of us!
And praise be to God
That there are no more of us,
For one of us could drink it all alone.

But I don't think that one was about the Erie Canal.

Obligatory: They must have been really hard up.

Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper and knife beats condom.

Beating a condom with a knife will probably render it useless?

But tender.

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