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June 26, 2013


25 bike cops catch pair having sex in park

(Thanks to Andrew Hoenig)


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and, uh, how long was this crowd watching????

and such a good looking couple...

Maybe she looks more attractive from behind.

MazarLarry - "Maybe she looks more attractive from behind."

Behind what? A building?

How suave. Her bent over the bench and all. Perhaps leverage is the word I was looking for.

And the theme of the day is "People behaving like animals. Animals being brave and courageous."

...pair having sex in park

Better than having it in drive or reverse. Safety first!

Jabba meet Hut. Bike training? More like gag reflex training.


Gives new meaning to the term " bench press " .

ligirl, not sure hogs use city park benches. Their legs aren't that long.

"There they are, on the first base line. There's a bench, she is bent over the bench and our friend is behind her with his pants down to his ankle," Chitwood said, "banging away."

Now that was an image I didn't need to picture.

Jeff, I'd say he was way past first base. I agree, ewww.


Twenty-five mounted people is more like cavalry than police. Of course, there were twenty-six mounted people involved, but one of them didn't have a bicycle.

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