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June 26, 2013


Bear captured in NW D.C. released to wilds of Md.

Now the Blair Witch will get it.

(Thanks to coscolo)


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For some reason we're having problems with bears in the Charlotte, NC area. They've spotted a couple of them during the past few days but haven't been able to catch them. Is this possibly some sort of coup on their part?

They are having a problem with them in northern NJ too, cindy, Apparently this is the season where Palins all over the area are kicking their offspring out and the kids are wandering around looking for kicks food and companionship.

I remember seeing a news report about some town in Colorado with a bear problem. They wanted the residents to "harass" the bears to scare them away. (Yelling ...waving you arms..etc). Never heard how that plan worked out.

I didn't realize bears were afraid of humans. Could have used that info on a N.C. golf course some years back. We just waited to tee off until a bear finished whatever he/she was doing on the green ahead.

Well, some bears are afraid of people, but I wouldn't take it as a given. It'd be just my luck to run into a bear with high self-esteem.

Here, no bears so far, but we have a family of skunks living under the neighbor's gazebo, and as of this afternoon, they were in the process of becoming flood victims. Rained like hell. I don't know what skunks do when they're washed out of their dens, but I bet it isn't good.

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