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June 29, 2013


Boyfriend kicked Harry the hamster out of girlfriend's house because he thought she loved the rodent more than him

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)


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is there a support group for that?

Who's in the cage now? He'll probably end up being someone's pet.

Girls, I'm betting he's single now.

If I only had a nickel for every time I've seen that plot line on an Emmy-winning TV sit com.

With a nod to the Beatles, A Day in the Life

I read the blog today, oh boy
Harry the hamster set free, then found, in Blackburn, Lancashire

And though Harry is rather small
Julie, Harry's owner, chose Harry over her boyfriend Andrew, who did not take this well

Andrew broke in, staged a burglary, and released Harry from his cage, wishing his hamster rival would go to hell

Now we know, Julie found Harry hiding under the rug and Harry is now safe in his cage

Andrew plead guilty to burglary, did 150 hours of community service and paid a fine as well

I'd love to know what Harry knows

After a weekend away, we found that one of our little Houdinis had not only escaped, but avoided the cat on multiple trips. He also cleaned up the entire house, taking every dropped popcorn, pretzel bit, potato chip, etc. from under all the couches.
He had a bachelor pad set up in the back of a closet. Ready for the good life.
His downfall was that when my wife called him, he came to her.
A woman was his downfall.

Now, Steve, that's a sitcom concept for you.

If he's not able to share her with a hamster, what would he do if they had a baby?

Invent "free-range" babies?
Wait, hasn't that been done?

Are you kidding? I live in a free-range baby preserve.

Why did the graduate student cross the road?

What road?

So true. Graduate students never see the light of day, let alone roads.

We love Bill Engvall and his free-range chickens. I grew up with my grandma's "free range" chickens and if you watch the things they eat you would never eat chicken again. But man they do taste better.

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