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June 28, 2013


Never drive with paint.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Jan in Grimsby)


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We're gonna need a lot more turpentine.

Who's taking the picture while the guy is still behind the wheel? Or did they say, "Get back behind the wheel, it'll make a better shot!" ?...

I am SO praying it's not his wife's truck.

Allen, just a guess but here goes. In the first picture the drivers seat has him jammed up against the steering wheel and airbag. In the last picture they have put the man on a stretcher but apparently they removed all of the paint buckets first since they are sitting on the ground. I'd say they buckets were jammed up against the back of his seat, so they first had to remove them. As to the picture, it was probably either procedural to prevent lawsuits or they were going to submit the photo to a Jackson Pollack exhibit.

"Color My World" spinning in the background.

Turned him gray overnight, it did.

People, do NOT paint and drive or MAAD (Mothers Against Artful Driving) will track you down.

after he careered off a road

Yeah, my career's been off the road a few times.

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