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June 28, 2013


The scale of the universe.


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And it still isn't large enough to contain The Greatness of Barry Manilow.

Very cool!

I thought Alec Baldwin's temper would show up around the Alpha Centari area. Neat site. Sent to my science teacher brother-in-law.

Everybody's seen Powers of Ten, right? 1977. Charles and Ray Eames were ahead of their time.

Here's another example, this time from 1957. When I saw these first, it required registering with the University as a student organization, renting a 16mm print of the film from Eames' office, getting the U to give us a classroom and a projector for the evening, and inviting "the public." (I.e., putting up a few fliers.) I guess the Internet has been good for a few things.

Puts that extra 10 lbs you're trying to lose into perspective, don't it? Now where'd I put that bratwurst...

neat, and i am no science nerd.

I was out of college in '77, but I remember seeing something like Powers of Ten back in elementary school.


how big is uranus?

sorry, someone had to ask

Uranus does it sideways.

Eh, I've seen bigger.
However, that was the night one of my roommates introduced me to...I still don't know.
What is a "Minecraft World"?

padraig...amen, brother.

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