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June 27, 2013


Take extra food.


(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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a reptile McLuncheon

"It's certainly an experience I won't forget in a hurry. It's a warning to other people to watch where they set up there picnic in the future."

Um, this is a quote. Did the guy speak this incorrectly (unlikely, since it is a homophone), or are they unfamiliar with the English language at this particular news source? Just asking.

Just say 'No!'

Looks like Alli was hungry.

I hope he left the buns; those carbs are a killer!

And I thought ants were bad.

It's National ' Take A Banker To Lunch ' Week.

"I can has cheezburger?" o.O

Maybe it's cause I'm not from Florida but who sets up a picnic next to gator water?

First it's the gators coming for your burgers, next it's the pythons eating all your mouse appetizers. You just can't hold a garden party anymore without gate crashers.

Sure, it's cute at first... But give them a foot and next thing you know they'll want a whole leg.

Cheesewiz, in Florida all water is gator water.

They're obviously not fluffy rabbits

Rampant stereotyping

I suspect the veracity of this story. The shots look static, the burgers appear to be bun-only, and the villain looks stuffed.

Nice product placement with the Pepsi can

I agree with the comments in the story, that said that the whole thing looked staged. Feeding an alligator is a serious crime in Florida, as it causes them to lose their fear of humans and become dangerous. People as well as pets have been killed by such alligators.

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