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June 27, 2013


The woman in the passenger seat reportedly grabbed the victim's crotch by way of a greeting, which apparently led the three to chatting for a bit and agreeing to meet for coffee the next day.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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more likely jes checkin if he had a pistol in his pocket

Nothing wrong with this as a greeting, the guys say.

"hopped in their car to get coffee..." So, "get coffee" is the new "hiking the Appalachian Trail?"

That's sure a unique way to introduce yourself. She had a grip on the situation.

Great. I'm flying to Utah today. Hope no one introduces themselves.

After that introduction, who waits to meet the next day?

wiredog - you have my sympathy. Watch out for waitresses bearing coffee pots.

Romance is wonderful.

No doubt some kind of subliminal hypnotic move. Look into my eyes while I dabble with your junk, and you will follow me anywhere...

Interesting from a city-planning perspective: As far as I know, the 130000 block of any street usually ends up in some other municipality (if not state or country). Classy address though: "I live in Manhattan in the West Seventies" "Well, I live in Bitter Creek in the the North One Hundred and Thirty Thousands" "You win."

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