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June 27, 2013


Meet 'the sperm whisperer'

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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The Sperm Whisperer? Brad Pitt, right?

Does this bank have a night deposit box?

Them things got ears?

'...a dramatic rise in the number of men who are freezing their sperm for use later in life.'

- just another hard to swallow coming-of-age story

double snork ligirl

Knowing Dr. Joe's continuing education requirements include a heavy load of post doctoral referigeration and air conditioning repair coursework seperate him from all the others you may be considering in regards to your sperm storage needs.

Is there a correlation between men freezing sperm and frigid women? Who wants to write the grant proposal?

Is that the actual Dr. in the photo? He's smiling like a guy who figured out how to make an easy buck.

"...freezing their sperm for use later in life."

What's the point? It's only fun the first time the little guys are used.

Not another whisperer. Last decade, we called people with well-publicized specialties "the guru" of something or other. Dumb then and dumb now.

I seem to be especially cranky tonight. Must be time for dinner.

Anything like a skin-flute player? Does he teach you how to train your precious little sperms? Come, sit, roll over, impregnate.

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