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June 26, 2013


...sheriff's deputies say he took four shots at his cousin Tuesday in revenge for not being invited to a birthday party for children.

(Thanks to R&L steveson)


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I like cake.

Stand your ground. I don't blame him.

you don't hear the name 'Tuesday' very often

Finally, a Mel Brooks - Michael Bay - Stephen King collaborative work.

Where is that Media when she's needed? She would straighten this guy out in a hurry!

Chuck E. Cheese got a break this time.

I'm assuming it was fruitcake.

Jeff, if it was Chuck E. Cheese, I would have shot myself if I HAD got the invite. Went there once but will never, ever again.

Nonetheless, I'm sticking to my policy of not inviting convicted felons to birthday parties for one-year-olds.

All the one-year-olds I know are already convicted felons.

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