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June 26, 2013


A Chinese woman's breast implant exploded after playing a game (Dragon Summon) on her iPhone while lying on her stomach for four hours.

(Thanks to Allen at Division and coscolo)


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I'd be worried about sleeping or reading, no? How does this not happen all the time?

When she invested in the implants, she probably thought the hours spent alone playing video games were a thing of the past.

The one time she really would have been better off being Tango Uniform.

Might I suggest this

" Angry Breast Implants " would be a good name for a video game.

Once a clerk in a very secretive store invited me to feel the new "water-filled" bra. I said no thanks I grew my own and she was speechless. I only go in that store to buy gift certificates for my daughter, and she grew her own as well... What's the point is what I don't understand.

"Doctors say that the low quality implant combined with the pressure of laying face down for an extended period of time, caused the rupture."


She was lying for four hours? Send her to Washington Beijing.

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