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June 27, 2013


Woman Cancels Cell Phone, Gets Bill for $15 Quadrillion

Advisory: If you click on the link, a video will play.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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I've heard of some tough cancelation policies but this is ridiculous.

My favorite IS experience was when our loan company (The ASSOCIATES) sent 5000 instant loan letters to customers with the WORST credit rating. It was supposed to be the ones with the BEST credit rating. OOOOOPs. The memo that went around started with...and I kid you not...."Thru no fault of management.....".

My dad once closed out a bank account. For the next five years, they sent him a quarterly statement (With thirty two cents worth of postage) about the two cents remaining in his account. Finally, a much larger letter (with considerably more postage) arrived, telling him that if he failed to maintain the bank's $100 minimum balance in the account, he would forfeit half the remaining balance.

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