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June 28, 2013


I spoke Wednesday to a nice crowd at the American Physical Therapy Association's national conference in Salt Lake City. Before my talk, the APTA asked me if I would be willing to walk onstage leading some goats, and I of course said yes. Here I am backstage with the goats, whose names are Luke and Lorelei. They did fine onstage, although one of them (Lorelei, I think) pooped beforehand. 


If you are wondering why I walked onstage with two goats, the answer is: I have no idea. You will have to ask the American Physical Therapy Association.


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I sure hope you got a good massage/body workout as part of that experience.

*'yodel-ay-hee-hees' @ dave*

I'm not going to say "Guess you go their goat!"

Not gonna do it.

In WV we call that a wedding procession.

In some unnamed cultures that's called polygamy.

Dave, I have your meds. Where are you?

I'm walking the goats.

Looking extremely snazzy there Dave. Are those fainting goats? How fast is the dude on the Segway going? So much we need to know.

How did someone at the APA discover that the Native American name for Dave is "Walks With Goats", we haven't even told Dave that is his name.

Did Luke use the Force?

Just kidding.

Word is next year's convention is to be held in Phuket and you will be leading two physical therapists on stage in a drunken stupor.

dave barry: the Goat Whisperer

The names are a Gilmore Girls reference.

Davem you should really wear blue shirts more often...the colour suits you...

That's funny. Walk the goats. Did they do some nibbling? I owned a goat once. She nibbled the grass. Didn't have to mow it.

People they don't like have to walk out with two donkeys.

Was that a goat?

Pooping before going on stage is always a good idea. I always pee before the movie strats, whether I have to or not.

Goats are very good physical therapists because they like to walk on you. If you get down on all fours, they will crawl on your back and give you a good deep tissue massage with their feet. I know this because there is a petting zoo here and when little kids go in with the little kids, they get a good back massage.

Ghost? Methought you spoke of goats upon the battlement.

Well, be he ghost or goat or goat or ghost or both, I'll spirits need to goad my spirits on!

Be grateful you were in Salt Lake City rather than Jurassic Park. We all know what happens to goats there.

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