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June 26, 2013


Radford diplomas misspell Virginia

The university awarded diplomas at its December and May commencements that spelled Virginia without the final “i.” Also misspelled was thereto, as in “all honors, rights and privileges thereto appertaining.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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I thought we all came from Virgina?

Except the C-Sections out there, of course.

the Virgina MorOnologues

Make sure the document doesn't say Rodfard

Virgina is for lvoers.

I had a ID card from Northern Virgina Community College. One of my colleagues decided to keep hers rather than turn it in for a replacement.

Is our educators learning?

You got me to pull out my wallet and check my NOVA card, OBS.

I blame wiredog. This really isn't surprising though. Isn't their motto, "Virgina Is For Lovers"?

Higher education is screwed anyway. Radford started out as a women's college. Some things just hang on.

This is the result of dropping cursive in schools.

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