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June 28, 2013


Foot Orgasm Syndrome

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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I believe Plantar Flexion opened for Lady Gaga.

Mrs. A asked that the power setting for the TENS be set at eleven.

I think I'll pass at reading this article.

Does Dr. Scholl know about this?

there is a daily frequency of about five to six times a day;
When my patent for the vibrator high heel comes through I'll be rich.

"... the foot-induced orgasm is perceived unilaterally in the body ..."

As opposed to what? Being felt here and in France, too? And as opposed to where? In the garage? The aura? In France, again?

I suppose they mean "not bilaterally" but still ...

Unilateral meaning only on her left side: "mainly felt in the left foot, back under the knee and", well, you know.

Yeah,I know, but it's funnier the other way

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