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June 28, 2013


425-Pound, Arm-Sniffing Man Gets 32 Months For Annoying Boy, 10


(Thanks to Loudmouth)


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He was probably sizing him up to see if he'd go good with a nice Chainti and fava beans.

That is the largest single double-chin I've ever seen.

I'm annoyed and my arm isn't even sniffed.

"The coach caught up with Espinoza and tackled him, but he managed to get free, run away and hide behind a tree."

I take it they have redwoods in Santa Ana.

how does a chin get that large? maybe he can lose some weight in the big house.

He'll have more than his weight to worry about there. They don't take kindly to men who "bother" little boys.

JABBA the Hut.


a real mafia name: vincent 'the chin' gigante. seriously. was this guy hangin wiith those mopes?

Sounds like a Marvel title. "Arm-sniffing Man meets Annoying Boy." With a bonus origins section by Michael Bloomberg.

That must have been one big tree.

i say we wrestle him into a turtleneck & watch his head explode

snork @ omni and ligirl.

He was sniffing because the kid's mom makes a mean pot roast and he still smelled like dinner.

Yeah, right.

How, exactly, does one tackle a human jello-mold?

Cattle prod.

Jay Leno?

...he still smelled like dinner."

Can't. Stop. Laughing. =^D


Get in my belly!

When he was in school, I bet he tried his hardest to do a chin-up. Years later, he achieved that goal.

Sort of.

Despite his resemblance to Jabba. I want to know where on the law books is arm sniffing a crime? Not that I really want to go out looking for 10 year old boys so I can sniff their arms, or think that it is a consitiutional right to do so. I'm just wondering how you get 'false imprisonment' from 'arm sniffing'

Sorry Ryan. Jaded social worker here. He had to be hanging on to the kid in order to sniff him, and it was probably a ruse to get hands on. I'm not saying the guy is a pervert, but that is definitely some suspicious behavior there. I'm glad the kid was not alone, and did not sit still for it.

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