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June 29, 2013


From Allen at Division:

not from a news source, from texts to me from Mrs. Division: 

1)      “Was out gardening in back yard and heard a loud bang. Turned around but didn’t see anything. A few minutes later a power company guy comes through our gate and says ‘our’ transformer (pole just beyond our back yard) had blown, so our power was out and you’ll have to reset some clocks.”

2)      “Power company guy says it was a squirrel suicide bomber! Zap!”

3)      (a day later) “Power company guy was out again this morning to install a special squirrel cage around transformer. No more fried squirrel!”

Somewhere, Jed Clampett is weeping, but considering the amount of damage the bushy rats have done to my house, I would have preferred no cage and more dead squirrels…



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Have the power company guy install bulletproof streetlight covers if you want to live.

Granny Clampett: "Squirrels is good eatin'!"

power outages? damage to your house???

it's a


Squirrel War Z - The final transformer movie.

An electric fence is very effective against squirrels if they touch it.

Not as smart as field mice. I replaced a fuse box in one of the barns and found a mouse nest, complete with surprised mouse, living in there unharmed.
She looked at me and said something like, "Lookit all them wires!"

Squirrels can be a good dinner if served with plenty of sweet taters.

*snorked* at "Squirrel War Z", then shuddered a bit at the implication of squirrel zombies...

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