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May 29, 2013


Kim Jong-un wants to build 'world class' ski resort in North Korea


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No doubt situated next door to the world class gulag...

No doubt located next door to the world class gulag.

The rules are a bit different, though. You have to jump with a parachute and carrying an assault rifle.

Well, they do have steep mountains and lots of snow. Something South Korea has taken advantage of. Best skiing I've had was at Dragon Valley in S. Korea.

Any day now there will be a huge influx of tourists. Any . . . day . . . now . . .

Wow! People re starving and he wants a bunch of fat foreigners in there.

It's going to go downhill from here

I would have thought he'd be more interested in professional pie eating.

i really gotta find out what that guy is smoking.

Well thank goodness all of N Korea's other problems are solved.

Someone must have told him "We're going downhill fast."

Pyongyang ski fashions are so chic. gray on gray with black trim. They specialize in watersnowboarding and the leadhalf pipe.

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