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May 31, 2013


Burger King Introduces A Hands-Free Whopper Holder


(Thanks to Chuck Cody)

Another Version: Burger King creates hands free Whopper holder


(Thanks to Jeff Spotts)


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Cue standard whopper-holding jokes.

Will be offered first in Wal-Marts to the scooter people.

Also, I'm pretty sure the guy pictured is playing World of Warcraft. "South Park" did an episode about this...

Fifteen years ago, BK came out with a left-handed Whopper®. On April 1.

Well, if it isn't a joke, I'm going to say that WALL-E looks more prophetic daily.


And yet we still have to hold our fries and soft drink. When will the cruelty end?

Interesting idea. But the major down size is that you have to eat a whopper...

This is a real productivity enhancer.

The guy in the photo looks like he is applying a tattoo while employing the device. Seems consistent with the strict standards I would expect for such establishments.

Schadey's right, definitely needs a cupholder. Plus a little mount for the smart phone.

It just occurred to me that Bob Dylan would look natural using one of these.

Puttin on the feed cup.

Next up, the predigested and injectable Whopper......

That's going to interfere with moaning and complaining about your stomach aching.

This IS a fricken joke, right? Right?

Oh swell...sex and a sandwich simultaneously and maybe watch a little football at the same time

Because the last thing you want to do while eating at a fastfood restaurant is to burn off excessive calories by HOLDING the damn thing.

Dear Blog guys,
If you use one of these in front of your sweetie chances are real good that you will never get past first base, iykwim.

Is there a guy who lifts my fourth whopper into the holder when I'm done with my third?

Dear Blog guys,
Further to nursecindy, if you use one of these, you will never even get into the ballpark...

WV, that's the first thing I thought. Oh, the times they are a changing, waaawaawaaaaawaaawaaawa, chomp.

Oh, yeah. It looks sort of S&M, too. The consumable version of a ball gag.

If you use one of these, you will never even get into the ballpark, but you may get to meet nursecindy or one of her colleagues in the ER.

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