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May 30, 2013


A 39-year-old Linwood man pleaded no contest Wednesday to streaking naked and drunk through his yard and then hiding in his neighbor’s dryer.

THanks to Greg Snow)


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The guy is a dead ringer for my brother in law and this is definitely something he would do.

Naked or drunk is fine, I suppose, but not both!

Okay armchair psychologists, whats the significance of him going into a dryer ?

If the neighbor's dryer is like mine: #1 - it's in the basement and not easily accessible and #2 - it won't hold a normal-sized person inside.

LeDud, I suspect he was attempting to return to a womb-like environment and this was the closest thing he could find. Maybe he was attempting to relive his pre-birth existence and thus feel closer to nature. OR he was high as a kite and was trying to hide from the cops.

LeDud and NC, he was drunk....so obviously he was just trying to dry out.

Was he wrinkle-free?

LeDud, he may have been hoping to find a dryer sheet to cover up with. But then again, if it were the Bounce brand, that could cause additional embarrassing issues.

If I had a nickel for every time I...

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