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May 09, 2013


Teen Hit By Flying Toilet On Way To School

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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Hmmm. Driver cited for "an unsecured load". Which is what I would have if a porta-potty fell on me.

'The truck driver received a summons for having an unsecured load'


on his way to the dump, eh?

My kid claims this was why he was late for school last week. Three times.

As God as my witness, I didn't know potties could fly.

How offal!

Well that's a crappy way to start one's day.

Flying Burrito Brothers opened for Flying Toilet back in the early 90's. There might just be a connection between those two.

And the warmup band was Flaming Lips.

traffic stalled to a low flow

So ... the toilet wuz on its wY to school ...

Where do they matriculate? Potty pre-school?

Oh ... it's intuitively obvious! St. John's University ...

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