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May 17, 2013


Pastor Arrested for Watching Child Porn on the Job -- at Disney World

(Thanks to Ron G.) 


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None of my friends would call that foreplay. Eww.

MdS, I was waiting for it. *snork*

Beyond Goofy.

She 's ****in Goofy!

This wins some kind of 'major award' for creepiest story of the week.

Traces of...? How would they know, unless they were hunting for it, and who was the unfortunate intern who told to collect and test it....

I can guess what next week's CSI: Florida is going to be about.

I just hope while he's in prison that he finds Jesus.

I guess it is true. That's the last place I'd look.

Defense attorney, "So pastor when you entered the room and found the computer on downloading child porn and the instant messages flying out of there to underaged girls on youtube ...what were your first thoughts when you realized someone had put your semen at the crime scene?"

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