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May 01, 2013


Antibiotic Protects Men from Attractive Women

(Thanks to Loudmouth)


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Take two antidiotics and call us in the morning.

Someone's been putting that in my drink for years.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

If women take it, does it protect them from unattractive men?

This money trust game is played all the time, usually with dinner and drinks.

I guess I'll just let my sinus infection work itself out naturally. Apparently I'm more attractive with yellow-green goop seeping from my nose.

I think cold showers are more holistic for men.

I have friends who call that "foreplay."

The real solution is to spend all your money and stay broke. Then you don't have anything to worry about. Eunichs don't have this problem I bet.

Any women care to comment?

Costello: " Mother told me never marry a pretty girl. "
Abbott: " Why ? "
Costello: " Because she might run away. "
Abbott: " If you marry an ugly girl, she might run away too. "
Costello: " Yes, but who cares ? "

Now wait a darn minute! I don't care what you guys think we women are not out to take your money. All we want are an honest, caring, nice guy. A sense of humor is also a must. Now, padraig blow your nose and wipe the snot off your face. LeDud, get out of the shower before too much shrinkage occurs and as for the rest of you, Clankie, Eyegore, Allen at Division etc... *SMACKS*!

methinks the lady doeth protest too much...

Truth be told though, you echo my feelings as well NC, a sincere laugh, smile and sense of humor trump fake boobs any day. I count myself lucky to be with a lady with those attributes (not the fake boobs).

Nurse Cindy, I concur. Besides, there's nothing I would need with a man's money that I can't get for myself with my mad couponing skills. All I want is a guy with strong faith, a good sense of humor, and the courtesy not to speak when I am watching Denver Broncos games or any movies based on comic books.

He must also have extensive knowledge of Dave's books.

Ditto, my friend. All I want is a man who will treat me well. I don't care what kind of money he makes or whether or not he's hot. I just want a companion to go through this life with and with whom I can share interests and just generally mesh with. That's harder to find than I ever thought.

I join in the smackage of men. Yay, nursecindy!

Wait, wait -- slow down. I'm taking notes. So in summary, sleeveless t shirts and domestic abuse, bad. Caring, sensitive, nurturing, good? How about mullets?

In other words, every woman was a potential "honey trap."

And every man only wants sex, yeah yeah blah blah.

If I only had a nickel for every time I encountered
stereotypes...I could probably hire a good hooker.

[But that would be wrong...]

No mullets, Omni.

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