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May 31, 2013


At 11 a.m. today, Tom Shroder, Gene Weingarten and I will be doing some kind of newfangled video chat about the Post Hunt, which is Sunday.


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Are Posts in season this time of year?

Um... Yeah, sure! Posts are in season. Absolutely. In case you're wondering, they look a lot like snipes.

What caliber of weapon is appropriate for hunting Posts?

In reference to the Cicada question during the Hangout:

Cicadas aren't in downtown Washington DC as a professional courtesy to Congress.

For those of you who didn't watch the video chat you should know that Dave's oosik, Walter, is definitely larger than Gene Weingarten's.

But Gene's oosik is legal and, what's more, has never been broken.

TMI, Cindy

Dave, they've turned you into a talking head. For some reason I find that disconcerting. Also, the camera keeps zooming in and out which could cause dizziness and nausea. Perhaps you need to send us all some of that "Microsoft Dude" to prevent unexpected injury.

What, that's not what they're calling it?

The Monument has been officially renamed the Washington Oosik. And, yes, the IRS is brimming with the biggest oosiks in the world.

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