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May 30, 2013


Swedish furniture giant Ikea has come under fire after airing an advert in the UK showing a young family demolishing garden gnomes in what viewers found to be a "frightening and unsuitable" manner.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I thought it was a hoot. Now we know the sun has set on the Brits. (That gnome humping the woman's leg was a little disturbing.)

Demolishing Garden Gnomes is the new group that formed

with the Backyard Hens.

Together they jammed with the Colony of Ants.

so there.

Well, we all know that gnome bashers are only one step removed from cheese rollers.

I had no idea garden hoses dispensed holy water.
Or that gnomes were so offended by very uncomfortable looking chairs.

Give generously to my new NGO, the Bong-Drones-for-Gnomes ceramic defense league.

Don't think you'll get tax-exempt status from the IRS Omni. Too reactionary-sounding name.

Now if it had been plastic pink flamingos........

Aggravated gnomicide? Is that the proper gnomenclature?

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