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May 29, 2013


From nursecindy:

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter just got back from Florida.  She said when they got close to Miami she saw a woman in a pink flamingo costume protesting GMO's.  Another lady was dressed in a shrimp costume. Further down the road there was a guy, standing right in the middle of the road, asking for donations.  He didn't mention who or what the donations were for but if you gave him a dollar he would make a rose out of a palm frond.   You aren't making up any of things you write about Miami are you?


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I remember when I first drove cg's van down to South Florida, to meet Siouxie. We may have gotten lost. I may blame her. Perspectives may differ. She was actually pounding her bare feet on the dashboard, laughing, as we crawled along Calle Ocho, nowhere near our route, screaming and asking to stop and take pictures. Because there were statues of chickens, here and there. I wuz very seriously trying to navigate us out of our troubles, whereas she wanted to stop, waste more time, and take pictures of chicken statues.

She bought me a chicken statue, for Christmas. She took the only peaceful corner of our home and had me build a chicken pen there.

In my home office, I cannot usually accept phone calls. I have to leave and take calls at the opposite end of the property, because chickens make a great deal of noise and may imply, to listeners, that you don't have a corner office, downtown. They may think you are at the top of a telephone pole on an episode of "Green Acres".

A visit to South Florida can have important impacts on your life. I have been there many times, yet never wound up with chickens on my desk, after previous visits. Now I have chickens in my office and on my desk, all of the time. And dogs. I have never before had chickens, nor dogs, on my desk.

Beware of South Florida!

I have GOT to visit Florida!

He's not joking, nursecindy. Of course, Dave's only been here 30 or so years. He did miss some stuff!

CJ, I remember hearing about that trip. Wasn't that where you all came across that restaurant or whatever with the giant chicken, too?

No cindy, it is not a joke. The first time you see a guy in the middle of I-95 picking up the recliner that fell off the back of his pickup you do a WTFBBQ? doubletake. After that you just go around him and keep going.

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