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May 30, 2013


New Group Forms to Oppose Backyard Hens in Arlington

(Thanks to Ryan Young)


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"Who would be in charge of counting [the chickens]?”

Folks, it's Arlington. I assure you, there are companies within a bong's throw that can count the chickens for you, before or after they're hatched, and without your even knowing it's going on.

Anti-henners are definitely in the minority. Imagine Arlington as the Florida of Virginia...polluted by bureaucrats.

I live in Falls Church, next to Arlington, and one of my neighbors has goats.

"...hens are hygienic and won’t disturb neighbors."
One of the neighbors to my wife's farm raises "Warrior class" chickens, if you get my drift. They are NOT hygienic and they DO disturb closer neighbors.
And they will kick your back-yard birds' a$$es.

If my wife & her friends want to hang out in the back yard, let 'em!

Let chickens into the neighborhood, and next thing you know, you'll have eggs, too. Or do I have that backwards?

So the new group is giving chicken fanciers the bird?

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