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May 29, 2013


Okay, sorry folks. One more time:

If your comments are not posting, as soon as possible, send us an email with:

1) Your username

2) The exact time of your comment and what time zone you're in if it's not Eastern)

3) The title of the post you commented in (as opposed to the topic)

We're basically paging through the spam folder, so it helps to have something to look for as our eyes glaze over... Once we find your comment, we will publish it, and (we hope) eventually typepad will learn you are not evil sp____rs.  


OIther stuff you can try to keep this from happening:

1) Use the same username each time.

2) Don't put your website URL in your comment. 

Sorry for the hassle! Keep trying!


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And if all else fails you can do what the I.T. dept. does.

SPISSUE wbagnf spittin' into a tissue

(. . . oh, c'mon - like you've never done that?? )


Or, maybe, it's "Gesundheit"!

Qwitchorbitchin, whiners, or I'll say, God Bless You".

Can you hear me now?

I think we need the secret pass words which I will Give a hint to.

_a r__ M_ _ I_ _ w

All we are saying is, give Spam a chance.

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