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May 29, 2013


Watch this.


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Sometimes a nail is just a nail.

Been there, done that, seen the movie, bought the t-shirt.

I'd like to add my $.02 but I'd have to use another another alias.

That was pure genius.

Nailed it!!

Politically incorrect and loving it!

I just sent that link to my wife, four women friends, and a guy who exemplifies the "Let me fix that!" school of thought. I wonder how big the crowd with torches and pitchforks will be?

Obviously it's all his fault.

No word from the bloggetes as yet? I'm keeping my head down but will listen quietly, attentively and empathetically when they are ready to express themselves.

Droll, witty and realistic. Thanks!

(written by a female admirer)

Dear WVPlantman, I am a Blogette and I do get annoyed sometimes when men offer unsolicited advice, but I also realize that many times what they're saying is right, and I just don't appreciate it at the time because I'm being emotional or something. Also, they're trying to help me with my problem because they care.

I have also learned from personal experience, however, that there are three things I should never ask of a man, and to my knowledge, I have never asked a man the last two:

1. I never ask a man to just listen to me and not try to fix the problem. That's what men do: fix things. They can't help themselves. It would be like me asking my dog Bruno to not try to chase a squirrel that runs past him. If I want someone to listen to me and not try to fix the problem, I ask a female friend.

2. I never ask a man to tell me what he thinks of something I'm wearing.

3. I never ask a man if he thinks I'm fat. It's just cruel to ask that of a man, because he will never answer correctly, no matter how hard he tries.

In regards to the video, I have girlfriends that, as a woman, I get very annoyed with when they ask me to listen to them and not offer advice if it's a situation in which they are being bone-headed and keep making the same mistake. For example, I have girlfriends who are constantly getting their hearts broken by dating men who are jerks, psychopaths, career criminals, apprentice mercenaries, etc. They will go on and on each time one of them does them dirty, but when it gets to the part where I try to say, "Well stop dating men who are jerks, psychopaths, career criminals, apprentice mercenaries, etc.", they say, "Please don't tell me what to do. I just need you to listen." Grrrrrrr!!!!!

That hit the nail on the head. Or possibly vice versa...

Minx, reading all that made me feel as if I had a nail buried in my forehead.
I must be a guy.

"All my sweaters are snagged . . ." Bwahahaha! Brilliant.

Unicorns are real!

Question bothering me is - how did the nail get there?

BTW Minx, there are definitely no jerks, career criminals or apprentice mercenaries on this blog. I suspect some psychopaths have snuck in and I can't be sure about the etceteras either.

The nail got there after some guy said "Hold my beer and watch this..."

BTW Minx, there are definitely no jerks, career criminals or apprentice mercenaries on this blog.

Speak for yourself.

Elon, I figured "apprentice" mercenaries would be too busy money grubbing to post on this blog. "Established" mercenaries, with their minions doing all the work, could certainly spend some time here.

Blog Men,

I am certain there are no jerks, psychopaths, career criminals, apprentice mercenaries, etc. on this blog. They are too busy dating and breaking the hearts of women who are not sensible enough to let someone take the nail out of their foreheads.

While we're on the subject, and the Blog Men are so helpful, how exactly would a girl safely get a nail out of her forehead?

A) You want to talk to me, you are soliciting advice.
2) Because you should know by now that fixing things is in my testosterone washed genes.
iii} STFU if you don't really want an answer. That's what your clueless girlfriends are for.

Minx- Clawhammer and Bondo.

I have listened, repeatedly, while my wife has told me of dreams that covered, roughly, the first two-thirds of human history.
I've done my part.

My three blogdogs (if I may be so forward) are all female. They act mostly like cute nail chick.

If the solution proposed for removing a nail from your cranium doesn't involve duct tape, question whether you're really talking to a guy.

I used to be an apprentice mercenary, but I moved up to journeyman. I retired before I got to master.

Dear Omniskeptic,

Don't you mean duct tape and WD-40?

And let us not forget the needle-nose pliers....

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