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May 30, 2013



(Thanks to Jon Harris and Jeff Meyerson)


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No we're not ... and we're part of "everyone" ...

Death before dishonor.

Police responded this morning to reports of a woman acting strangely in a park. When officers contacted the woman, she claimed to be "exercising." Since she was not carrying any firearms, narcotics, burritos, or pressure cookers, she was released with a warning.

Authorities believe perkiness was involved.

This comment on the woman's lower portions has been deleted by Eric Holder.

she may be a dasher & dancer,


that prancer's no vixen

On the other hand, you could just go jogging...

My kids would cut me out of their wills.

that hair...that Nose...those pants.......hmmmmmm.......

"Comments are disabled for this video"
I wonder why?

I loved the Daily Mail's take: Keep fit AND look like a lunatic at the same time! Fitness fanatic brings back failed 'Prancercise' routine from the 1980s

She wrote a book, you know. The Amazon comments are interesting.

I'll just punch myself in the face, thank you.

Where's Tiny Tim now that we need him?

JSG, the comments on that book are interesting. We need to invite those people to the blog. btw, I would like to point out that, according to her bio, this woman is from Miami, Florida. Florida wins again!

She has lost at least 50 pounds of self-consciousness.

Looks more like the camel toe workout to me...Linda Sue

She wrote a book? Maybe Dave could get some pointers so he could write one too.

This needs an equine mask for the full effect.


Good one, lilgirl!


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