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May 19, 2013


"We've had bras hanging here for 45 years. It's been a charm of the place. So here comes this gal, and she's walking in here like Lady Astor's pet horse, you know, and she says she wants those bras down because they're a fire hazard. Now how can a bra be a fire hazard unless someone is wearing it? Honest to God."

(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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Glad we haven't lost all of our rights just yet.

Didn't Bag O'Bras open for The Clancy Brothers?

Wait a second. I am confused. Bras are flame-retardant when off but flammable when being worn?

I've seen some really hot bras that were totally smokin'. On fire, so to speak.
And I've seen some with security technology that Fort Knox would envy.
I don't drink anymore. But I'd go to that bar just for the atmosphere. If only it weren't in the Great White North.

BTW, in that part of Milwaukee (pronounced "Mwokky") you can call a woman "Lady Astor's pet horse" and everybody will know what you mean.

- problem was the place wasn't 'handicap-accessible' :

'A dyslexic man walks into a bra'....

They're potentially inflammatory while they're being worn. The highest fire risk occurs as they're being removed.

How they hangin'?

I went in there one cold night for a little nip.

What an uplifting story!

I saw Lady Astor's Pet Horse open for Ripple Ning who later became Blue Floyd before they were gently fondled and turned Pink.

What with the Preakness and all, it occurs to me that "Lady Astor's Pet" WBAGNFA thoroughbred.

And at the quarter, it's Prince Charles' Protege' by a nose, with David Cameron's Diplomacy in second place and falling back badly! And here comes Lady Astor's Pet! Annnnnnnd ... I can just see, running last, it's Ted Nugent's Feral Pig.

Glad she had the support of the community!

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