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May 17, 2013


I’ve entered my unborn baby in a beauty pageant

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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What part of North Carolina is she from?

Isn't that like entering a blank canvas in an art competition?
"I call it 'New Fallen Snow'."

Watch it, wiredog. nursecindy will not like that remark.

Jenny — already mum to Jessica, ten, and seven-year-old Steven — says: “With my dance skills and her sister Jess’s knowledge of pageants, there’s no way she won’t win the prize for bonniest baby.

If she looks anything like Mom...maybe I shouldn't go there but, please pass the eyebleach somebody.

I knew a girl named Bonnie in grade school. Prettiest girl around, and a ballet dancer. Wow. Bonnie.

Does anyone else find that father-daughter picture really really creepy?

Hey wiredog! Come over here for a minute. I have something for you. I would tell the rest of you my plans for wiredog but they aren't pretty.

At least the pageant is scheduled for after the birth.

I just hope they were right about that being a girl bit.

I vote creepy. I KNOW....maybe they should make a reality show based on this family......


Hey Nursecindy, be careful swingin' that thing. You got wiredog ick all over me!

Wolf, that statement sounds too much like what they might be recording on one of those google glass thingies.

Beat me hurt me show me love!

Only if you have a filthy mind.
Which makes me wonder why it didn't occur to me.....

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