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May 01, 2013


Lean In and Poop at the Office, Already

(Thanks to Loudmouth)


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No sh!t?

Hey! They're trespassing on Gene's beat!

The MOST EMBARRASSED WOMAN IN THE WORLD had to, um.. "act" in the lady's room off the waiting room in our health department. A room with no vent fan to cover the noise and dispose of the evidence.
A room where the door lock decided to go on strike and not let her out.
It took me ten minutes to dismantle that lock and let her out.
Out to a whole room full of curious, staring people thanking their god that they'd been able to hold it.

I like the part of the article where a lady wouldn't let her shoes be on the ground fearing someone in the next stall would recognize them. Thats some real strength....must be a former gymnist.

I started to send this in yesterday, but refrained - I've been responsible for too many NYC/potty articles recently.

I have friends who -never mind. Geez.


Reporting worthy of a Poo-litzer prize.

ok. i just did.

wiredog, I read Gene Weingarten's Q & A and noticed there was a question from someone who wanted to know if it was unusual to cry everytime you poo. I have a sneaking suspicion that question was asked by Dave someone from this blog.

An urban version of this book is coming.

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