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May 30, 2013


Where Mother Nature is on drugs.


(Thanks to Jay Brandes, DaninTustin, Jon Harris and Ross Holley)


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There are many experiences that will leave life-long memories: your first love, your wedding day (and night), the birth of your children, stepping barefoot on a slug in the dark.
That was 51 years ago and I still shiver when I think of it.

Looks like someone coughed up a lung.

They look tasty. What? I'm just sayin'.

What's he big deal about a giant red pepper?

It isn't a pepper? It's what?


Did somebody steal its shell?

Without clicking the link, since it IS Australia, that thing is extremely poisonous, isn't it?

Well, it says nothing about the monstrous slug being poisonous, but there was this:

carnivorous, cannibal land snails that roam the mountaintop...

Yeeeps! o_O

Nice punked out dye job, dude

Satan Slug.

We're gonna need A LOT more garlic butter.

They say this is a "new" slug? I think not. I think this is just the first time a human being has seen it and survived. He survived, right? Has anyone checked if he's been seen since he sent the picture?

Australia -- just one of those magical places where giant, fluorescent pink slugs will eat you.

But just to put this in perspective - that's the side of large mountain and the green stuff is a forest of full-sized trees...

Cannibal Land Snails is a tribute band for Fine Young Cannibals.

Reminds me of the old tourism commercial:

In the beginning, when God created the world, He had some things left over, so He created Australia.

Looks like fresh beef tongue.


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