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May 30, 2013


SALEM, Ore. (AP) - An upset man brought a pressure cooker he claimed was a bomb into the state Teacher Standards and Practices Commission office on Wednesday and informed employees he had tried to blow up their sign because it was misspelled, a state official said.

Heh: The man also complained that the instructions he downloaded to make his pressure cooker device contained misspellings, Chamberlain said.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts and Jon Harris)


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Perfectly understandable.

Any wagers the misspelled sign will NOT be corrected?

Before I read the "dateline", I assumed it was in California. Hell, misspelled street and highway signs are no longer noteworthy here. I've seen "SOTP AHAED", or some variation of it, painted on the road so many times I think the road crews are doing it on purpose.

Is there a problem, officer?

Mr. Language Person?

Spiny, California road signs, even if they are spelled properly, are often backwards:




Uh-oh, anyone heard from Gene Weingarten lately?

I feel his pane.

There ought to be a la

I don't no why hes so upset....its not like mispeling is fatel or anytheng....

If he can't make a proper bomb, I hope he's not trying to teach science.

Unfortunately for him, his demand note started out "Your all going to do exactly as I say," which caused all the English teachers to attack him en masse.

Get that man a dicktionary.

Steve, You misspelled dikshunary.

Not enough apostrophe's in the pressure cooker instruction's.

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