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April 23, 2013


McDonald's burger bought in Utah in 1999 looks exactly the same as the day it was first flipped (even after it spent two years in a COAT POCKET)

(Thanks to Steve "The Amazing Steve" Pietrowicz)


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Tastes jsut as good today as it did in 1999.

I feel confident that, if it weren't for preservatives, I wouldn't look as good as I do.


I gotta say that disintegrated pickle is pretty nasty.

Good news for us preppers! Headin' for Mickey D's to load up the bunker now!

i saw disintegrated pickle open for iggy pop in '87.

Mr. Whipple, please don't squeeze the McBurgers!

(Hint: think of where the MCB and TP both end up)

Definitely shenanigans, mudstuffin. Several years ago, I was flat broke and when the local McDonalds was having 2 for $1 specials (Tuesdays, IIRC), I'd stock up on them and store most of them in the fridge. I forgot about a few for about 2 weeks or so, and when I pulled them out of the back of the fridge, the bread was stiff and already moldy.

Then I read this:

David Whipple kept the fast food meal for a month to show friends how the preservative-packed [yeah, it's called "salt"] hamburger would keep its composure.

In the pictures at the Daily Mail (imagine if the National Enquirer were a daily...), the bread is clearly still pliable. Sorry, I ain't buyin' this.

Spiny, I think an experiment is in order. Go buy a Mcsnarfer and put it in your coat pocket. No....multiple coat pockets. Report monthly. We'll be behind you....all the way.

It's been renamed the Dick Clark Burger.


What happened to the cheeseburger listed on the receipt? Maybe the hamburger ate it? Fast food cannibalism? Next on CNN.....

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