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April 24, 2013


Officials claim Yoshihito Harada, 25, may have punctured the tyres of around 1000 parked cars driven by women as way of starting conversations with them.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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And he may just be single...

Of course the key question that enquiring male minds want to ask is: Did it WORK?

Ummmm, I only need to know for, ummmm, my essay on ethics. Yeah, that's the ticket.


Bwahahahahahaha! Padraig's doing an essay on ethics. Whew!
Wouldn't it be easier for this guy to get a cute dog? We ladies love that.

Boy, that sure beats ramming them on the highway as a pickup technique. Not, uh, that I would know anything about that.

A fake leg cast worked for Ted Bundy. Just sayin'...

Two confirmed successful methods:
One: Crutches. All the girls wanted a "test drive".
Two: My toddler nephew at the pool. The problem was that I actually had to keep up with the kid. I was exhausted.

bet that worked out well for ya...

I asked this before but must do so again: do men find us that intimidating?

We find you terrifying. What if you figure us out?

Well, if you'd quit running around with those AK-47 "machine guns" and "clips" full of "bullets", it might help. Or, you could just flatten a few tires on your own.

Hello, Sailor. Need help jacking your car up?

Over 1000 tires. I bet he was tired ! Heh...get it ?

Dear Wiredog,

We already have a basic working knowledge of the male species and we still like you. Please don't puncture my tires. I only have love-struck suitor road hazard warranties on two of them!

So, park here often?

Rady, can I prug your hores?

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