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April 24, 2013


Miami ranks No. 3 on Amazon.com’s latest “Most Well Read Cities” list.


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No Dave Barry books made the lists?!?! Obviously flawed research.

Well, if they were including prescription meds labels....

Everyone has 50 Shades of Grey...

I will not stir them with an oar, I will not feed them to the poor, I will not eat them in Miami, I hate green eggs so stuff it, Sammy.

Does that also include "Adult Magazines?"

I'm not surprised. They have the absolute best writer in the world in their city! I'm not talking about Carl Hiaasen either.

Nice suck up, cindy.

*SMACKS* Jeff. I meant every word of it.

Dave wrote a book?

Bet they move their lips when they read.

Yeah, Dave...when can we expect "50 Shades of Dave Barry"? Fire up your laptop and nail clippers, and get going!!!

comment 1: Shouldn't that be Best read cities list ?

comment 2: Inglés para dummies / por Gail Brenner.

Yeah, if Dave would write a book, Miami's rating would go even higher! Especially if Dave included the crayons with the book.

Pulitzer Prize winners ALSO have bad days, I suppose...

Miamazon? WTF?

Where are the pictures...?

Man stuffs 47 copies of À la recherche du temps perdu into his shorts at Walmart, strips, assaults police, drives car into bay while girlfriend beats him for misquoting Achebe.

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