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April 29, 2013


Baboons invade home, guys videotape chaos

(Thanks to Phil McAvity)


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Just a typical weekend at the frat house.

Man, that brings back memories of the dorms at GMU.

I thought I'd suppressed those memories.

Shoddy journalism, they didn't link the video.

They used a lot less profanity with a house full of baboons than I used when a couple of raccoons got into my house.

Why don't baboons just have political conventions, like we do ?

one baboon is equal to seven grown men

That would make a lot more sense if it were put into some sort of context.

I beleive Videotape Chaos opened for Lady Gaga.

Jeff, Lady Gaga is videotape chaos.

Oh, don't go round tonight,
It's bound to take your life,
There's a baboon on the right.

Credence Cercopithecidae Revival

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